Your dentist might refer you to our office if they suspect you have a pathologic form of dental resorption.  Dental resorption occurs when cells from your own body begin to degrade normal, healthy tooth structure.  It can happen with normal physiologic processes, such as exfoliation of the primary teeth in kids, but can also occur abnormally due to issues like trauma to the teeth.  In rare cases, resorption can lead to such extensive degradation of normal tooth structure that it causes pain, infections or loss of the affected tooth. 

If your dentist suspects resorption, they may refer you to our office, as Endodontists are experts in diagnosing and managing dental resorption.  Drs. Blicher and Lucier are especially involved in the academic study of dental resorption and have written and lectured extensively on the topic. 

Diagnosis of dental resorption will involve a clinical and radiographic exam, oftentimes utilizing a three-dimensional CBCT image.  The particular location and extent of your resorption may merit treatment such as root canal therapy, gum surgery or even extraction, or may simply require monitoring with periodic x-rays.