Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Upper Valley Endodontics is equipped with a Kodak 9000 3D CBCT imaging unit. CBCT technology allows us to take a three dimensional view of teeth and the surrounding structures.  Our particular unit offers a focused field of view, meaning that only a few teeth are exposed and examined by the image taken. Although CBCT imaging comes with a slightly higher amount of radiation than two-dimensional digital radiography, the focused field of our machine minimizes this amount. CBCT imaging is not required for every patient that enters our office; however, in certain cases, it is exceptionally helpful in making a timely and accurate diagnosis, as well as aiding in treatment of cases with high levels of complexity.

CBCT technology is instrumental in the diagnosis of pathology in previously endodontically-treated teeth, assessment of resorption, evaluation of dental trauma, and pre-surgical planning.